Why I am Good at What I Do

I’ve been afforded many opportunities to learn the art and practice of medicine at some of the best institutions around the country. I believe those foundational skills were a good start; the magic or sparkle that differentiates me from my colleagues, has been gained from my education as a student of art and design and cultivating better experiences for my staff, my patients and for that matter the people around the world.

Since 2002, I have been able to care for women in Africa who have suffered from obstetrical sequelae, pelvic floor trauma from violence and problems that arise from neglect and malnutrition. Just when you think you have seen everything, a woman will walk through your doors with an issue that you’ve only read about in textbooks. Traveling abroad has allowed me to perform complicated surgical reconstruction of women to restore their function and participation in daily living. Not only have I sharpened my surgical skills, but I’ve learned to practice the art of intelligent silence and become a very active listener to allow history, HERSTORY to be heard and understood and not just tolerated.

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