What Matters to Me

I grew up in the Midwest where the work ethic of factory workers and farmers influenced my personal drive. I was also raised by a mom, who was courageous and taught me to develop my braveness by flexing my courage muscles, even when I was scared. Many of life’s challenges helped define my strong persona and caregiver nature. My temperament is also defined by my character strengths, which include spirituality, humor and playfulness, gratitude, and teamwork. Each one of these has helped balance my clinical skill set with the ability to put my patients at ease and create an environment of psychological safety.

I truly value authenticity and the ability to present honest and unfiltered truths to help women become the best version of themselves. Often, I find myself holding up the proverbial mirror to show women what I believe are their best qualities and personal attributes both as a physician and a leader.

At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which had a profound impact on my viewpoint of medical care. Not only did it inspire me to become a physician but ultimately led to my interest to design better medical experiences. I truly value not only helping people with their clinical issues but making sure it’s done in a way that is respectful of their needs, personal beliefs, and desires. I love being an advocate for women; encouraging them to seek education, information, and services to improve their personal health which ultimately impacts the health of their families.

I live with my family in Maryland which is very matriarchal in its architecture. My circle of friends includes women and men from diverse backgrounds that I’ve had opportunities to meet in both professional situations and personal hobbies, like roller skating or medical mission work. My social construct has allowed me to be a better doctor, friend, and human.

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