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Part of discovering what is meaningful to a woman is allowing her to open up in a safe environment. This process also entails performing a very comprehensive exam that helps a woman understand her body more thoroughly.

The CFWS is the destination to help women answer embarrassing questions and then formulate a plan to improve their feminine confidence and well-being.

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Aesthetic Gynecology CONDITIONS

Vaginal laxity is a very common problem resulting from childbirth, aging and hormonal changes. Vaginal laxity happens when the vaginal canal loses its ability to stretch back to original shape leading to a feeling of looseness. It can impact self-confidence.

Vaginal constriction can cause the vagina to seem unusually small or constricted.

Labial enlargement can affect one or both sides of the labia. Also known as labial hypertrophy, it is characterized by the enlargement of either or both the inner and outer labia.

Hymen disruption occurs when the hymen, a thin membrane, obstructs the opening of the vagina.

Scar formation in and around the vaginal area occurs as the result of various factors, including childbirth and intercourse.

Many women are affected by labial atrophy, also known as vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA). This condition causes dryness, itching, or general discomfort of the labia.

Aesthetic Gynecology SOLUTIONS

Energy based vaginal tightening is a modern and safe alternative for women not wanting the downtime associated with surgical treatments, Dr. Walton has two treatment modalities available depending on your needs. Viveve is a one-time, 30-minute treatment using cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) device that rebuilds natural collagen and restores tissue. FemiLift is also a non-surgical, comfortable treatment that uses CO2 fractional Laser Pixel technology. This procedure consists of 3 treatments over 12 weeks, with a “touchup” one year later.

Vaginoplasty is a vaginal tightening procedure performed to help tighten the vagina by strengthening the muscles after childbirth or some other trauma.

The changes that occur from natural phenomena (pregnancy, weight gain, menopause) can cause labial enlargement, laxity or bothersome asymmetry, may result in a woman feeling self-conscious about their body while wearing form-fitting clothing or during sexual intimacy with her partner. Labiaplasty is performed to help with labial enlargement, skin laxity, or to create balance for women who have asymmetrical labia.

Also known as clitoral reduction, clitoral hoodplasty is performed to reduce the size of the clitoral hood to better expose the clitoris for aesthetic purposes along with stimulation improvement during intercourse.

Dr. Walton can perform this surgical procedure to reconstruct and repair the hymen, which is the thin membrane intact during virginity.

A scar revision procedure can be performed to reduce the appearance of a scar resulting from childbirth, intercourse, and other factors.

Sexual Wellness CONDITIONS

Decreased sexual desire is a common concern for many women that Dr. Walton can help determine potential causes and solutions.
Female sexual arousal disorder is the inability to become aroused or stay aroused during intercourse. Understanding the changes that occur naturally and how to improve our bodies responsiveness is part of the education and empowerment you will receive at CFWS.
Women that have difficulty reaching orgasm, even when aroused, may have an orgasmic disorder.
Behavioral disorders can affect a woman’s sex life and intimacy within her relationship.
Vaginismus is a condition in which a woman’s vaginal muscles squeeze, clinch, or spasm when something is inserted. This can cause discomfort and pain during sex or when inserting a tampon.
Vulvovestibulodynia is a condition that causes pain at the vaginal canal entrance. Often occurring only during touch or pressure, the condition can make it extremely difficult to comfortably engage in intercourse.
Dyspareunia is characterized by painful intercourse—either during or afterwards—for women due to structural or psychological influences. Dyspareunia can affect even simple activities such as tampon insertion.
A problem common to many women, vaginal laxity can make sex painful, unenjoyable or even awkward. Laxity can make sensation and thus orgasm very difficult for a woman.
Vaginal hyposensitivity or numbness can negatively affect a woman’s life making it difficult to achieve orgasm.
Vaginal constriction causes the vagina to seem unusually small or constricted.
If you have noticed a decrease in your sex drive, it may be due to hormonal imbalance and a decrease in the very important hormone called estrogen.

Sexual Wellness SOLUTIONS

Based upon your individual concerns and unique situation, Dr. Walton can consult with you about behavioral therapy for sexual wellness.
Through our PFT® Health Coaching, Dr. Walton works with women to develop proper lifestyle factors and decrease the risk of pelvic organs dropping—a common problem that can lead to issues such as urine leakage and incontinence.
Dr. Bri Walton offers various medical therapies to help women struggling with issues affecting their sexual wellness.
Injection therapy is an option available by Dr. Bri Walton to promote sexual wellness and satisfaction.
Surgery is an option that may be recommended for Dr. Walton’s patients suffering from vaginal laxity, discomfort or aesthetic dissatisfaction.
Dr. Walton will discuss the energy based treatment modalities offered to improve sexual wellness.
Personalized hormone therapy may be recommended to treat your concerns resulting from a hormonal imbalance.
Dr. Walton will discuss with you devices she recommends to promote sexual wellness.

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