Our center uses evidence-based practices founded on research AND the collective years of experience of our providers to develop a customized plan of care. Our providers participate in and conduct research trials dedicated to contributing to women’s health care.

We understand the need for individualized treatment may require different and/or a combination of therapies. We offer the latest laser AND radiofrequency therapies.

Women's Intimate Health and Wellness

Women’s intimate health is no longer taboo. Gone are the days of silently accepting common problems of decreased sensation, difficulty reaching orgasm, and urinary incontinence causing embarrassing leaks or daily pad use.

Time takes a toll on our entire body. Just like the collagen on our faces that we work hard to keep taut with treatments and products, vaginal collagen must too be shown some TLC to keep it feeling fit and fabulous. Aging, vaginal childbirth, hormonal imbalances and other causes contribute to vaginal laxity. This very common female condition affects us, but we do not have to “just deal with it” anymore.

Introducing Viveve

Modern medicine has accepted the challenge of offering a safe, noninvasive procedure to combat vaginal collagen loss. The Viveve treatment is the only single-session, FDA cleared treatment that applies cryogen cooled radiofrequency energy to the vagina. The simultaneous deep tissue heating and surface cooling makes this treatment comfortable and effective. Backed by science and clinical studies, a significant improvement in arousal, lubrication and orgasm were noted with results sustained out to 12-months.

Speak with Dr. Bri Walton today about the Viveve treatment being a potential solution to your vaginal laxity. If you are tired of leaking when you laugh, cough, exercise or sneeze, talk about Viveve. If you wish the sensation was what it used to be, talk with Dr. Walton about Viveve. A consultation will help you decide if it is time for you to take the step towards feeling intimately better today.

Reclaim Your Inner Joy

Over time, the natural processes of your lifecycle as a woman, such as childbirth and hormonal changes, can lead to various conditions such as involuntary urine leakage, vaginal laxity, dryness and recurring infections. As a result, you may experience a decrease in the quality of your life and sense of self. FemiLift is a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive outpatient treatment that provides optimal results for various feminine conditions – regardless of your age or stage in life. It is quick, painless and completely safe, and provides highly effective results. We believe that every woman deserves to enjoy her feminine wellness to its fullest and to live in harmony with her body and self, always.

  Like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers which give it strength and flexibility. FemiLift uses breakthrough CO2 laser technology to gently heat vaginal tissue, contracting existing fibers and stimulating the formation of new collagen. This improves the functionality of the entire vaginal area normalizing blood flow, increasing lubrication, boosting immune resistance and restoring the strength and elasticity of the vaginal walls.  

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