Center for Feminine Wellness and Surgery

Freedom to feel BEAUTIFUL inside and out

The Center

for Feminine Wellness & Surgery

The Center for Feminine Wellness & Surgery empowers women through education and enlightenment. Our knowledge of pelvic floor concerns/conditions/disorders is enriched with the art of cosmetic gynecology and intimate aesthetics to help women make GREAT decisions for themselves.

Many women struggle with changes that occur as a result of childbearing and caring. Weight challenges, heavy lifting, or constipation can even create or worsen anatomical changes. Our center was designed to meet the individualized needs of every woman. When there are questions…we are here.

“There is a woman on a journey of discovery.

Her life is blessed, charmed, and challenging. She sets out with grace and determination. She walks through sunshine and storms, head held high, face toward the light. Remaining true to her strengths, she makes a positive difference. I see that woman in you…she is the beauty that is feminine.

I hope you get to know her well.”

– Kristin Webster


Get Answers

During your initial consultation with us, the providers of CFWS will help to define your problem and to work with you to develop possible solutions in a safe, caring, judgment-free environment.

Feel Empowered

Our non-surgical procedures use evidence-based practices that have been founded on research AND the collective years of experience of our providers to develop a customized plan of care.

Choose Wisely

Our surgical expertise and artistic background help women redefine their expectations in their appearance and sexual function. Experience the freedom to feel beautiful inside and out.

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